Hurricane Katriana


·        Hurricane Katrina spared Houma, but New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast were not as fortunate!  As of 9/7/05, our power and internet service were restored.  We are still having sporadic phone problems, and urge that you contact us via e-mail at or in the interim, should you experience difficulty in reaching us via telephone.


     We are open and ready for business but shipments may be a bit slower than usual as UPS and Federal Express are having to relocate their Louisiana Hub.


     We ask that you keep the families of Hurricane Katrina victims in your prayers.  Any support that you can provide to the New Orleans, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Area will be appreciated.


      Even though New Orleans, and Southeast Louisiana, sustained major flooding, I know that Louisiana will rebuild, and probably a lot quicker than FEMA and other governmental agencies predict.


·        Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. will celebrate it’s 21st anniversary on October 15, 2005.


·        A cook book of recipes provided by Bourgeois Hot Sauce users will be published in the first ever “Bourgeois Hot Sauce Cook Book.  Please e-mail us your favorite use of this great hot sauce.  We hear many stories, so get your recipes in to be included in the cook book.

·        Let us know if you enjoy our Hot Sauce, and our website.  Please e-mail your comments to Bourgeois, The Hot Sauce Man® at  Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. distributes thousands of bottles of hot sauce to non-profit Golfing Tournaments for use as "Diddy Bag" items.  We also donate "Home Safety Baskets®" to various non-profit groups for silent auctions.  The Bourgeois Home Safety Basket has become a popular item for door prizes and auctions.

·        Halon 1301 (EPA Final Rule)


      We get many questions concerning Halon 1301 fire systems.  The EPA Final Rules on Halon use were published in the Thursday, March 5, 1998, edition of the Federal Register, Volume 63, No.43, and became effective on April 6, 1998.  In Summary:

·        The use or refill of Halon 1301 system is not banned or unlawful.

·        Effective April 6, 1998, no owner of Halon containing equipment shall allow Halon release to occur as a result of failure to maintain such equipment.

·        NFPA 12A requires semi-annual inspection of Halon 1301 systems.

·        Effective April 6, 1998, no person shall dispose of Halon containing equipment, except by sending it for Halon recovery to a manufacturer, recycler, or a fire equipment dealer operating in accordance with NFPA 10 and 12A.

·        Employers of technicians who test, maintain, service, repair, or dispose of Halon containing equipment shall provide appropriate training regarding Halon emission and reduction within 30 days of technician hiring.

·        The EPA does not certify fire equipment dealers.  However, the fire equipment dealer must operate in accordance with the cited NFPA standards.



For more information on Halon recycling and Halon system decommissioning, visit EPA’s website at