We were asked by an engineering firm to provide three references for our work with the Siemens Fire Safety MXL intelligent detection system.  The following comments were provided by our customers: 


We are having excellent service from Bourgeois & Associates, Inc.  We have a good first name relationship with them.  I do recommend them.

                                Bobby Lofton - IT Manager
                                Louisiana Farm Bureau
                                Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. were sub-contracted through another company to provide fire detection on the Anadarko/El Paso Marco Polo TLP facility.  The job performance and overall knowledge from the field technicians was more than satisfactory.  At the time of the installation Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. had not had a Master Service Agreement with Anadarko, but due to the satisfactory performance as previously stated, we are acquiring that agreement at this time.  The Marco Polo fire detection system is somewhat complicated, at least from the operations stand point, Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. has helped us tremendously in getting this system user friendly.

                                Rex Rogers - Superintendent
                                Marco Polo TLP
                                Gulf of Mexico


We have had very professional service and would highly recommend them.  Roger Bourgeois has an excellent relationship with the Fire Marshal’s office, which made for a smooth transition into the MXL system.  This is a good implication of a respectable reputation.


                                Bill Marquis - Fire Protection Engineer

                                Shell Norco
                                Norco, Louisiana