The Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. main office is located at 120 Thompson Road, Houma, Louisiana.  The office was relocated to this property in 1989.  The facility is located at a prime industrial site at the corner of Grand Caillou Road and Thompson Road, in the center of Houma’s offshore service industry.  The facility consists of four buildings housing administration, warehouse, training, and storage areas.  The Houma facility consists of 15,000 square feet of useable space.


Our rolling stock consists of four service vans, each identically equipped with required installation and service tools.  Other major equipment consists of 8,000 lb. diesel fork lift, jib crane, electronic weighing facility, Halon 1301 recovery facilities, and equipment for servicing and refilling CO2, Halon 1301, FM-200, dry chemical, and AFFF foam fire protection systems.  We are a regional stocking depot for major quantities of FM-200.  We can refill 2,000 lb. systems within a 24 hour turn-around.


Our technicians are equipped with personally assigned lap top computers for programming and servicing of the most up-to-date fire detection system.  We also own a Gemini sensitivity tester, Retrotec room integrity test unit, and test equipment of all types for proper servicing of all the equipment we install.


Our shop drawings are generated using AutoCAD 2000.  We also have equipment for producing 24” x 36” drawings and for copying of 24” x 36” drawings.


We can furnish bound technical manuals in 3-ring binders, or spiral wound binders.  We can also receive electronic drawings and specifications utilizing high speed internet service via T-1 line connection.


Our experienced inside sales staff offers “same day” shipment of over 1,200 fire protection parts in common use on offshore production platforms, petrochemical facilities, and the marine transportation industry.