Unless expressly specified to the contrary, goods in stock will be shipped without delay, and goods not in stock will be shipped as soon as possible.  However, all estimates of delivery time are approximate and failure to effect shipment of an accepted order by such estimated delivery date will not be considered sufficient cause of cancellation without prior agreement confirmed in writing by our authority agent.


Cancellation or suspension of orders will be accepted by Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. only upon terms that will indemnity us against loss.  Postponement of deliveries at BUYERís request, if for a period of more than thirty (30) days, will not be made without Bourgeois & Associates, Inc.ís approval first being obtained.  In the absence of such indemnification,
Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. shall be entitled to recover all damages and costs of whatever nature permitted by the Uniform Commercial Code indemnification.


Unless otherwise specifically provided, the price of the goods sold is FOB SELLERís factory.  Freight will be prepaid and added to invoice.  Title to the goods sold passes to BUYER upon delivery by Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. to the carrier, regardless of the fact that freight is prepaid by SELLER.


SELLER will extend the limited warranty (in most cases 12 months from shipping date) offered by the original manufacturer and is limited to replacement of the product, unless misuse or abuse is evident.  To the extent permitted by law, Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. disclaims all liability concerning the products manufactured by others.  All warranty claims should be returned freight prepaid with a copy of the original purchase invoice only after securing a return material number from our Sales Department.


BUYER may, up to 30 days from date of purchase, return any goods purchased which are standard merchandise, provided BUYER has first obtained the written consent of Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. and provided further that such returns shall be subject to the following conditions.  Special factory orders are not returnable.

a)     a request for return must include the date and number of Bourgeois & Associates, Inc.ís invoice covering the original purchase;

b)    return transportation charges must be prepaid or will be deducted from any credit for the returned goods;

c)     all returned goods must be in first class salable condition when received or the cost of reconditioning such goods will be deducted from any credit for same;

d)    a standard handling charge of 20% of invoice price will be deducted from any credit on voluntary returns.



a)     No agent, salesman, or any other party is authorized to bind Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. by any agreement, warranty, statement, promise or understanding not herein expressed.

b)    The sale of the goods pursuant to this order shall be governed by the laws of the state in which the order is accepted and from which the equipment is shipped; and any such sale or contract shall be deemed to be a sale and/or contract of that State.

c)     Quotations are protected for 30 days from date of quotation.

d)    Any technical advice furnished before or after delivery in regard to the use or application of products is furnished without charge and on the basis that it represents our best judgment under the circumstances, but that it is used at the recipientís sole risk.

e)     Due to liability insurance restrictions, we can not furnish detailed, specific troubleshooting assistance via telephone.  We will however, provide Manufacturer Troubleshooting Guidelines, and ordering (part numbers) information when requested.  A minimum charge for schematics or other manufacturer data may be applicable.


Net 30 Days (after approved credit) - All credit terms are strictly enforced.  Past due invoices may delay shipment of current orders.



Prices do not include sales, use, excise or similar taxes, whether federal, state or local.  The amount of any such taxes applicable to the goods shall be paid by BUYER in the same manner and with the same effect as if originally included in the purchase price.