“Bourgeois” Hot Sauce has been the “calling card” of Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. since it’s early beginnings.  The familiar bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce has graced many a kitchen counter or office snack area. 

Roger Bourgeois registered the now infamous IF IT’S HOT, YOU NEED A FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM® trademark and Service mark during the early years of the company.  Today, the “Bourgeois” Hot Sauce has a “dedicated user base” of customers, associates, and friends throughout the United States 

The Hot Sauce is distributed at business meetings, trade shows, and in charity golf tournament ditty bags.  Each year, Bourgeois donates thousands of bottles of the popular Hot Sauce to the Tourist and Convention Bureau, Downtown Marina, LSU Golf Tournament, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, and other non-profit groups.  Bourgeois distributes a collectable “three pack” hot sauce caddy to customers, and associates from every state, and many foreign countries.  A “Lifetime Refill” certificate of registration is included with each hot sauce caddy. 

Roger Bourgeois has been dubbed “The Hot Sauce Man” in his travels, and takes pride in being so recognized. 

The Hot Sauce has been reported to be seen at the finest restaurants around the country, and even reported to be seen at an oil field galley in Russia. 


During 2003, the Bourgeois Hot Sauce Man was created.  Bourgeois gives credit to
a trip to the Amazon in Brazil, and a chance meeting with New Orleans native Dr.
Ed Pellettiere for the creation of the Bourgeois, The Hot Sauce Man® logo.  Dr.
Pellettiere, a retired Pathologist living in Chicago, conceived and furnished the
original artwork for the logo.  During the chance encounter, Roger Bourgeois gave
Dr. Pellettiere two bottles of hot sauce to take back to Chicago from the Amazon
trip.  Bourgeois mentioned to the good doctor that if Pillsbury could have the
Doughboy®, then Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. could have a “Hot Sauce Man”.